Tube Cut Off Knives

Since 1975, Dee Tee industries ltd. Is the manufacturer & exporter of international quality industrial tools. Dee tee manufactures punch type tube cut off knives in various styles. Fly cut, notching, and saw cut-off blades. We work with D2, M2, S7, and Powdered Metals to achieve a blade that will meet the demanding needs of your production line. With the assistance of PVD, CVD, and flame-applied coatings, we can further extend the life of your tooling.  The main objective of Dee Tee Industries is to offer high-end Tube cut off knives for tube manufacturing industries and services at an economical price without sacrificing quality. Punch type tube cut off system can also be termed as impact cutting is the latest technology which is being adopted by various industries where tube cutting is an important process. This technology in tube cutting is more efficient as it is much faster and gives a burr-free cutting of the tubes.


  • Thoroughly annealed for effective hardiness in knives
  • Provides smooth bur free cutting finish
  • Edge Retention provides longer usage of the cut off knives
  • High Impact Resistant enabling it for efficient punch type tube cutting
  • Durable to perform cutting in robust cutting operations

We are manufacturer and suppliers of various type of shear knives which are used for wide range of cutting and shearing operation in various industrial cutting solutions which are as follows :


Punch Type Cutter For Tube Industries

Punch type cutter for cutting tubes are engineered to cut the strongest materials like coper tubes, stainless steel tubes, etc. Unlike abrasive wheels, which hack a path through materials and generate heat, smoke and debris that can contaminate hydraulic cutting systems, these  punch type tube cutter are impact cutting and hard baldes to slice cleanly through the work eliminating large volumes of waste.

Tube cut off knives are applicable for burr free cutting for tube and round sections. Here tube cut off knife is made from imported high speed steel [aisi m2] and moves up and down at high speed. Recommended tolerance on thickness of tube cut off knives is +/- 0.02 mm. Key features are flatness, hardness, wear resistance, toughness, edge detention and impact resistance. .

Hardness retention is a very key factor in designing a Tube cut off knife generally applied in hot applications. Dee Tee uses very high quality steel, which is a preferable material to make a Tube cut off knife. Generally HSS is used since the  property that of HSS can withstand higher temperatures without losing its temper (hardness) allows punch type tube cut off blades cut faster than other tool steels.


  • Wide selection from a single source.
  • Durable designs.
  • Exclusive features for maximum productivity
  • Cutter Saws are manufactured with various tooth profiles.
  • In Cutting application, the pitch and therefore the number of teeth are critical. Too few or too large teeth may induce vibration resulting in tooth & saw breakage.
  • These are offered in various coatings i.e. TiN, TiCN, CrN, TiAIN and with special heat treatment to give better life cycle.


Need your tools sharpened or recoated? Dee Tee Industries provides this service too and usually at a very competitive cost.

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