Shear Knives & Blades

Our shear Knives and blades are manufactured from the highest quality alloys steels as the raw material to close tolerance quality control standards. shear knives and blades are available as single-edge, two-edge, four-edge and bowtie shear blade configurations in many different alloy grades to comply your individual cutting application. All shear blades are precisely heat-treated to assure consistently uniform hardness throughout.

We are manufacturer and suppliers of various type of shear knives which are used for wide range of cutting and shearing operation in various industrial cutting solutions which are as follows :

CROP SHEAR KNIVES :  The forward-facing shearing knife of a pair of crop shear knives mounted on adjacent rotate able heads has its shearing face so inclined that when reaching the initial position at which penetration of the work commences, it is approximately perpendicular to the plane of the work, and during the shearing operation it extends angularly away from and rear ward at an increasing angle with respect to the plane and direction of movement of the stock. The work-engaging end surface of the knife is inclined inwardly and rearward with respect to a plane tangent to the shearing edge. The inclination of these two surfaces is such that during engagement with the work the non radial force vectors on the knife and drum are substantially eliminated, thereby eliminating damaging stresses and improving the shearing of heavy stock such as hot rolled steel plate. Crop shear knives and blades are used for various crop shearing operations  for Angles, Channels, T-Sections, Beams, Bars, Rounds, Squares & other sections. we apply effecting heat treatment methods for the crop shear knives to enhance the toughness and wear resistance in our flying shear and crop shear blades.

FLYING SHEAR KNIVES : The Flying Shear also termed as flying knife is most  common industrial application for cutting and shearing of a continuous product to a set length at line speed. This means that the main production process is not interrupted, and so machine productivity is maximized. Flying shear knives manufactured by us are produced with the use of high-quality raw quality steel material supplied by renowned manufacturers and the raw materials pass the in house series of quality test before the raw materials is delivered on the shop floor and is ready to be used for production of flying shear knives. High machining precision is a part of production process for the flying shear knives which is backed by experienced skilled labor working on high end machines. Skillful heat treatment technology is used with and advanced heart treatment annealing plant for the knives as a processing the semi finished product to match the international quality standards for hardening to operate in rough cutting environment.

CHIPPER SHEAR KNIVES : Manufactured from carefully selected materials and quality heat treated to ensure best performance from knives. Precision ground, honed and straight cutting edges. Alloy steel tipped, full alloy steel & HSS inlaid varieties. Engineered for dimensional stability & precision tolerances. Suits all varieties of paper including writing, newsprint, insulation, copier, cigarette, soft, tissue, specialty, coated, uncoated & duplex boards etc. Chipper Knives of all types. Paper cutting knives, Flaker Knives, Paper Trimming knives, Paper Slitting Knives, Paper Slitting & Rewinding Knives Simplex/Duplex Sheet Cutter Knives Top & Bottom Slitter Knives Complete Knife Assemblies Iron & Steel Guillotine & Trimmer Knives. High Speed Steel Inlaid Guillotine & Trimmer Knives. High Grained TCT inlaid Guillotine & Trimmer Knives. Pneumatic Individual Knife Holders Crush Cut Knife Holders, Shear Cut Knife Holders. Spring loaded Knife Holders & Holder Assemblies. Rag Cutter Knives, Straw Cutter Knives. Refiner Bars, Beater Bars. Tissue Log Saw Blades. Core Cutting Saws. Doctor Blades



Key Benefits Of SHEAR KNIVES

Manufactured from forged / rolled tool steels, special alloy steels. Shear knives and blades available in various grades for optimum cutting performance for different metals & sizes. The Shear Knives adhere to a property of longer life between regrinding with sharp uniform shearing edge after each regrind. Uniform knife of the shear knives and uniform wear is due to precise steel composition. More tonnage throughout tool life. These Shear knives are best suited for cutting and shearing operation for both ferrous and non ferrous metals. Right material quality & micro structure for strength. Optimum hardness for wear resistance. Heat treated for optimum toughness. Perfectly engineered for dimensional stability & long life.

Shear knives and blades manufactured by Dee Tee Industries have a diversified range of application for all shearing and cutting operations in an Manufacturing Industries to Engineering workshops for day to day trouble free smooth finish cutting and shearing solution