Shear Knives & Blades

Our shear Knives and blades are manufactured from the highest quality alloys steels as the raw material to close tolerance quality control standards. shear knives and blades are available as single-edge, two-edge, four-edge and bowtie shear blade configurations in many different alloy grades to comply your individual cutting application. All shear blades are precisely heat-treated to assure consistently uniform hardness throughout.

We are manufacturer and suppliers of various type of shear knives which are used for wide range of cutting and shearing operation in various industrial cutting solutions which are as follows :

HOT SHEAR KNIVES : Hot shear knives are the knives which are used in as a shear knives for cutting metals at high temperature as steel mills. The hot shear Knives crop the head and tail ends, or divide and cut-to-length continuously metal cast shapes whether slab, thin slab, strips, billet, bloom, or bar. Hot shear knives also remove the dross or beard that develops on the edge of continuously cast slabs. Hot shear knives are used between the caster delivery section and the first rolling mill stand, tunnel, or re-heat furnace. such shear knives and blades are used for shearing  and typically operate at temperatures in excess of 1800s/1000 and may be used without or with indirect coolant. Hot shear knives are manufactured with the careful selections of quality tested  tool steel, heat treated to perfection under stringent metallurgical control subscribing to the application. These shear knives have high wear resistance & Tensile shear strength with sharp edges and superlative surface finish. Close tolerances & precision thickness & width parallelism..

GRANULATOR BLADES :  high-quality granulator blades, pelletizer knives and shredder blades for plastics manufacturing and recycling companies in more combinations of steel composition and geometry than anyone in industry. Granulators offered by us are ideal for granulating, palletizing and dicing of plastics or man made fiber. These are manufactured using quality material and are offered in different grade of alloy steels to fit customer requirements. Granulator blades are available in large range of granulator and palletizing blades. Featured with  state of the art heat treatment process for attaining hardness and durability in rigorous cutting and shearing operations for any industries. Granulator blades with regrinding and dimensional accuracies for high speed cutting operations with less reduced downtime for the cutting machines which generally occur due to the damaged blades in a cutting operations.

BILLET SHEARING BLADES : Billet shear knives and blades are manufactured to operate cutting and shearing operation at high temperatures, Billet shear knives are also categorized as hot shear knifes since it possesses the same properties and operating environment. Billet shear knives  are specially heat treated for optimum toughness and abrasion resistance to make them highly resistant to damage, impact, vibration, clamping and cutting force.

BOW TYPE SHEAR KNIVES : Crop shear knives and blades are used for various crop shearing operations  for Angles, Channels, T-Sections, Beams, Bars, Rounds, Squares & other sections. we apply effecting heat treatment methods for the crop shear knives to enhance the toughness and wear resistance in our flying shear and crop shear blades.



Key Benefits Of SHEAR KNIVES

Manufactured from forged / rolled tool steels, special alloy steels. Shear knives and blades available in various grades for optimum cutting performance for different metals & sizes. The Shear Knives adhere to a property of longer life between regrinding with sharp uniform shearing edge after each regrind. Uniform knife of the shear knives and uniform wear is due to precise steel composition. More tonnage throughout tool life. These Shear knives are best suited for cutting and shearing operation for both ferrous and non ferrous metals. Right material quality & micro structure for strength. Optimum hardness for wear resistance. Heat treated for optimum toughness. Perfectly engineered for dimensional stability & long life.

Shear knives and blades manufactured by Dee Tee Industries have a diversified range of application for all shearing and cutting operations in an Manufacturing Industries to Engineering workshops for day to day trouble free smooth finish cutting and shearing solution

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