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We're confident that our industrial blades and industrial knives are the best in the marketplace, offering unrivaled quality, durability and overall value. Our customers range from contractors to small manufacturing plants to international conglomerates, and across that wide spectrum, we've earned their respect and their loyalty for maintaining a sustained quality and on time delivery.
Our specialty knives and blades offer long-lasting cutting performance and many of our blades provide optimal resistance to wear and corrosion. We can shape and hone our industrial blades precisely through a specialized multi-step process performed by programmable Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery. This puts us head and shoulder above some of our competitors, as we are able to move beyond the typical steels available in strip form. Also, we have the capability to create unusual or unique edge configurations--perfect for equipment manufacturers that need original industrial specialty blades for brand-new inventions.


Custom Design Industrial Cutting Knives

Whatever your application, Specialty Blades can produce virtually any blade shape or edge necessary to get the job done - straight, curved, wavy, toothed, serrated, scalloped, notched, pointed tip or multiple-edged. Custom-designed CNC sharpening equipment enables Specialty Blades to manufacture razor sharp, high quality cutting blades made to your specifications from a wide variety of materials. Technology improvements continue to be at the forefront of Specialty Blades’ strategic plan, and the company is committed to continually seeking new methods of manufacture and sharpening to better serve your custom blade requirements. If you do not see a term describing your process, please contact us directly for more information. Chances are one of our Applications Engineers or Sales Consultants has worked on a similar problem in the past and can use his or her knowledge and experience to create a custom cutting solution for you.


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