TCT Circular Saw Blades

TCT CIRCULAR SAW BLADES Wide range of TCT Circular Saw Blades manufactured by us and is used on stationary as well as flying sawing machines for all types of metals slitting and cutting operation. Tungsten Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blades (TCT) helps in burr free cutting steel & non ferrous metals, stainless steel & grey cast iron as billets, slabs or sheets in rolling, forging & continuous cast mills. TCT circular saw blades manufactured by us are high performing blades and ensures to cuts drawn or welded tubes as well as structural sections, casting joints with maximum precision.


  • Material: Supporting Disc are made from alloyed tool steel, hardened and tempered
  • Cutting Speed: Ferrous metal 40 to 130 m/min, non ferrous metal 150-500 m/min, aluminum 1000-4000 m/min
  • Feeding Speed: 0.03 - 0.13 mm/tooth
  • Cooling: Cooling with emulsion necessary
  • Range: Diameter: 500 - 2200 mm

Friction Saw  knives are provided with extra-sharp tooth edges in the circular saw rotary blades. Friction saw knives operation is based on the strength of the frictional heat generated between saw teeth and work piece while the cutting operation is on specially since the the friction saw knives and blades cutting operation are performs at high speed excessive frictional heat is generated with any cutting operation with the use of friction saw knives and blades. Chromium-Vanadium steel is generally used as a raw material for manufacturing of friction saw blades which can sustain its toughness and has ability to resist the stress of high operating speeds (60 - 90 meter per second). Saw should be mounted true and should not run out.


Segmented Circular Saw Blades

Our domain expertise in blades and knives manufacturing for various industrial cutting solution, we offer an extensive range of Segmental Circular Saw Blades. The segmented circular saw blades  are useful for cutting large work pieces, which can not be cut with HSS circular saw blades. Further, these blades are perfect for cutting burr free or little burr and also used for sawing tubes profiles solid from ferrous, non ferrous metals. Due to its property of high cutting speed these also find application for cutting stainless steel & gray cast iron in machine tool, car, steel construction & locksmith industries


  • We supply blades/ segments for all types of stones such as Concrete, Marble, Granite,  Kota, etc.
  • We supply blades/ segments for all purposes such as Edge Cutting, Slitting, Finishing, Gang saw, , etc.
  • Manufactured in the machines developed in house and perfected over the period.
  • High quality raw material like metal powder, Diamond are sourced from reputed manufacturers .
  • The blanks are ensured for the proper dimension, finish and Tension.
  • All the manufacturing parameters are recorded for each lot and are traceable.
  • Each blade going out of the factory is identified with unique number by which all the ingredients and the processes it has gone through can be traced back.
  • The segments are developed and continuously being developed to improve the performance with respect to the cutting speed and life.


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